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If you want to know about an event or function that the Model Railroad and Historical Society of

Southeastern Ohio, Inc. will be at or involved in. This is the place for you. As soon as

possible the event or function will be post here with information about it. If you want to 

find out about past events or functions visit the club history page which will have pictures

and information about past events and functions.

Full steam ahead to Railfair 2017! (Second weekend in December)

Our club's annual show is the highlight event for our club. Not only do we display the club's layouts,

but also some club member's and other local model railroader's personal layouts. Do you, or someone

that you know, have a model train layout that you would like to display at Railfair this year? Be sure

to contact us for more information!


Railfair 2016

We would like to thank all those who made our Railfair 2016 a big success.  

 Thanks to all our members who worked putting it all together. We thank their families for giving us support and freedom to do what we do!

 Also thanks to non-members Nelson Minter, Tony McGill and Roger Crigger for bringing and manning their layouts.

 Thanks to The Market on State for hosting us,  The Ohio Valley Discovery Museum for partnering with us and adding activities for kids, Weak Radio for  underwriting time , Operation Life Saver, Amtrack and Go Bus for displays,  David Palmer - WATH and the Athens Messenger for media Coverage.

 Finally, we want to thank our loyal fans, for coming and supporting us with their friends and families.  We wish you a Happy New Year and we will see
 you next year. 




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