Fallen Flags of The Railroad Model and Historical Society of Southeastern Ohio

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Fallen Flags

"Fallen Flags" is an old railfan and railroading term used to describe railroads that cease to exist because of mergers or bankruptcy.  In other words they no longer exist as we once knew them.  On this page we pay tribute to the "fallen flags" of our club.  These people were friends or members who have passed on, leaving behind memories of our time together.  As with fallen railroads, from time to time we come across something in life that sparks a remembrance of their being.  We give thanks for their council and friendship during their short time amongst us.  May we always remember we are all but like the smoke from the locomotive stack......strong and bold at first, lingering for a while before fading away.

Oscar B. Heck

Ken Hodgson

Robin Lacy

Robert F. Lewis

Bill Miller

Tony Osky

Dick Walker
Ken Fritz
Ralph Stobbs
Sam Ellis
Tom Metters
Dave Rapp
Tom Metters
Dave Rapp




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