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Railroads have been a part of Ohio history since the first railroad was completed in 1836. Coal is one of the

most valuable minerals produced in Ohio with coal production mostly concentrated in the southeastern

part of Ohio. With 19 counties in southeastern Ohio there is a lot of railroad history around us. The Local

Places of Interest Pages is here to help you find railroad locations both active and abandoned that you can visit

Happy Railroad Hunting and always remember to be safe and respect all warnings and restrictions.

Museums and Organizations

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Hocking Valley Scenic Railway      Gallipolis Railroad Freight Museum

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Ohio Railway Museum          Mt. Perry Scenic Train

Railroad structures and relics

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Moonville Tunnel          King's Hollow Tunnel       Wilson Tunnel

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   Fromer B&O Depot in Athens    Eclipse Company Store and Town  

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   Palos Covered Bridge Trimble, OH   Parkersburg,WV-Belpre, OH Bridge  

Qries Qries Qries Dunbar Trestle Bridge Piers        Hocking Valley Tunnel          Glouster Station

Qries Qries Qries

Hockhocking-Adena Bikeway Boxcars     C&O Caboose # 90211      OR&W Narrow Gauge Caboose #33

C&O Caboose 90211  C&O Caboose 90211 C&O Caboose 90211  Harmar B&O Caboose

Harmar Village in Marietta

C&O Caboose 90211  C&O Caboose 90211 C&O Caboose 90211  Harmar B&O Caboose

Benwood, WV - Bellaire, OH B&O Railroad Bridge & Great Stone Viaduct
Pictures by members & M. Tewkesbury from Flickr

Out of area Weekend Trips.

The railroads helped build not only Southeastern Ohio, but all of America. Here are some out of area places of interest that can be visited on a short weekend trip.

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   Cass Scenic Railroad         Western Maryland Scenic Railway    Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway

Qries Qries Qries

   Age of Steam Roundhouse      Horseshoe Curve - Altoona, PA   Entertrainment Junction - Cincinnati, OH

OR&W Caboose #33 OR&W Caboose #33

Deshler Crossroads Park - One the last holdouts of B&O CPL signals
Photo by Member Peter Hayes

OR&W Caboose #33

Not far from Deshler Crossroads Park is B&O Caboose C3784

Fostoria Park Fostoria PArk

Fostoria Iron Triangle Park

OR&W Caboose #33

St. Marys, WV is an interesting spot as there is a stretch of street running.

OR&W Caboose #33

Kenova, WV





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